US Patent (on polypeptide-k) was opened for discussion by U.S.N.I.H. Momordica charantia was cultivated and studied fully by the Examiner. The studies confirmed as given in the Patent by the Inventor.

These studies on polypeptide –k were also conducted by more then200 Scientists

The route was confirmed (Polymerase enzyme-DNA-tRNA-mRNA and then to Pancreas) which led to rejuvenation of pancreatic cells.

Thus effect of polypeptide-k is indirect and not as insulin

The Studies on the product were also conducted in China and Malaysian Universities

The studies were also carried out by the scientist of Lovely University, Jalandhar, Punjab, India

on the various aspect including preparation of NANO particles, autosomes leading to drawing methods. This studies was funded by DST, India

The product Namely DIABEGARD, Malaysia


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